Interview: Scott Lynch – Round Two!

tloll rsursWinner of the Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award and 2007 World Fantasy Award finalist, Scott Lynch is the author of the Gentleman Bastard Sequence, several short stories and an online serial, Queen of the Iron Sands.

He has a strong following who call themselves ‘priests of the crooked author’ and many others, too, have been eagerly awaiting his next book,The Republic of Thieves, which will be out in October 2013.

I did the following review for the fantasy-writing website and forum, Mythic Scribes, which I highly recommend you visit if you love fantasy books and happen to be a writer yourself.

Mythic Scribes is a community of fantasy writers who are passionate about storytelling.  We provide a platform for new and aspiring authors, as well as a meeting place for writers and fans of the genre. By sharing both the joys and the struggles of writing, we offer inspiration and support to one another. 

The interview is best viewed after reading my first interview with Scott, which can be found here.

The second interview is mainly discussing Writing Secondary Characters, and can be found at the following link:

Mythic Scribes: Writing Secondary Characters

Interview with Scott Lynch

We can safely say that your novels have a balance of in-depth main and secondary, then background characters, all receiving their due page (screen) time. When planning (or writing/editing), how do you get that balance humming?

The magic, I think, lies in the editing process… first I tend to ensure that I simply have the necessary secondary characters in place to serve their story functions. Then, during my assorted editing passes, I try to polish them up, wipe out boring or cliched dialogue, and somehow set them apart from their surroundings and from similar characters, elsewhere in the story and in stories like it. It’s no different than cleaning up any other aspect of my prose, really.

the-republic-of-thievesTo read more, click the link above.

I would like to thank Scott for his time, and for being ever so kind.

Thanks also to Random House/Del Ray for linking to the interview!


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