I am currently closed to review submissions.

If you would like to submit a book for review, please send details to ventureadlaxre (at) gmail (dot) com. Currently, I review for Hachette Australia, Allen & Unwin, Penguin Random House, Pan Macmillan Australia, Harper Collins and all subsidiaries. I occasionally review for Tachyon, Titan, Tyche, and have both a NetGalley and edelweiss account. I do get quite snowed under with reviews when committed to the Aurealis Awards or Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO as I also do try to keep up with the latest releases of my favourite authors, so apologies; lately I’m just not keeping up. Add to that when it’s Ditmar and Hugo Awards times and the blog gets rather quiet.
I also review self-published and e-published works, and prefer ePub and mobi formats. Please get in contact with a short description of your work and why you think it fits what I usually review before submitting. Please note that if your work does not have decent female characters in it, it will probably not hold my interest for too long. I am personally bored by books of men travelling with the odd wench or female seer. My favourite authors at the moment are Elizabeth Moon and Lois McMaster Bujold.
If you would like to be interviewed, please send details to ventureadlaxre (at) gmail (dot) com.
I prefer to interview those I have read already (and am happy to review and interview you at once) and also have interest in interviewing about writing in general. In the past I have also interviewed artists (both comic and web), and actors. My interviews can be found here. Every few years I’m part of a team who endeavour to interview every single person in the Australian speculative fiction scene as a ‘snapshot’ of active members of our community.
We can be found in the following places:
@Ventureadlaxre on twitter
Ventureadlaxre page on Facebook
Ventureadlaxre on tumblr
Or please feel free to email us at ventureadlaxre (at) gmail (dot) com