Reading Challenge: Vorkosigan Saga Project

Last year in 2016, I joined the lovely Ju and Steph in reading all the of Twelve Planets, a project they called A Journey Through Twelve Planets. It was manageable as it was one book a month and it worked nicely, and each book, of course, was well written and enjoyable.

For 2017 I have already committed to reading two books a month to expand my knowledge of women of speculative fiction. One of these books is ‘Shards of Honor’ by Lois McMaster Bujold. I’ve always heard how brilliant The Vorkosigan Saga is. I’ve many friends who re and re-read them, and who go to all lengths to get their hands on the new ARC when another book comes out.

So I’m finally going to read them all. One a month, or a few novellas/short stories a month, as detailed below – all the way through to mid-2018. I’m very happy to be joined by Tsana Reads and Reviews and together we’ll do a summery post after each one. Tsana comes from having read them all before so we’ll offer both sides of view, and as the months go on, be able to discuss more and more of the worldbuilding and characters.

Shards of Honor – my review / our discussion

Barrayar – my review / our discussion

The Warrior’s Apprentice – my review / our discussion

“The Mountains of Mourning” – my review / our discussion
The Vor Game – my review / our discussion

Cetaganda – my review / our discussion

Ethan of Athos – my review / our discussion

“Labyrinth” – my review / our discussion
“The Borders of Infinity” – my review / our discussion

Brothers in Arms – my review / our discussion

Mirror Dance – my review / our discussion

Memory – my review / our discussion

Komarr – my review / our discussion

A Civil Campaign – my review / our discussion
“Winterfair Gifts” – my review / our discussion

Falling Free – my review / our discussion

Diplomatic Immunity – my review / our discussion

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance – my review / our discussion

Flowers for Vashnoi – my review / our discussion

CryoBurn – my review / our discussion

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen – my review / our discussion

3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge: Vorkosigan Saga Project

  1. YYYYYAAAAAASSSSSSS. Oh I am so tempted to join you. Or maybe just read some at the same time. I still have to buy a couple of the later ones (most of mine are ebooks, would love to eventually own them all in physical copy to revisit), but I want to experience the earlier stuff again!

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