Review: Sisters of the Fire by Kim Wilkins

KimWcoverSeries: Blood and Gold #2
Published by: Harlequin Enterprises
ASIN: B01E83Q5C6
ISBN 13: 9781489210685
Published: August 2016
Pages: 446
Format reviewed: eVersion from NetGalley
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Five out of Five
Lists: Favourites and Recommended
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I devoured this in mere hours. If you haven’t yet read Daughters of the Storm tread carefully going forward, as there may be slight spoilers for the first book within this review. Seriously, go get it now – there are few books I recommend as highly as Lies of Locke Lamora, but this series is one of them.

Four years have passed since the first book, so Ivy and Willow (the younger sisters) have grown a little – as has Rowan, Rose’s daughter, who hasn’t seen her for all this time (though she hasn’t exactly been alone). The King is still alive however he worries when Bluebell leaves for too long, fearing how old he is getting. Ash is on the move, trying to complete a quest that will mean she destroys her fate, missing her family and turning into barely a shadow of her previous self. Rose is with their aunt from the first book, until she gets a note one day from someone she’s never met, but has heard of her from a certain someone, and has something of vital importance to tell her… if she can reach them in time.

Bluebell has a kingdom to run in the name of her father. She leads her band of fighters dealing out a king’s justice, whether that means dropping everything instantly to find out why a group of people never returned when they should have, or checking in on her favourite niece to see how her bow arm is going.

As in the first book, the plot magically ties everyone together in such a believable yet adventurous way that at the start you could never see how x and y could meet together again, until Wilkins makes it happen, and makes it happen well. The character development of the characters, especially the younger and the newer, is a joy to experience. The threat that lies restlessly for many of the characters feels real and dangerous, and there are many instances where you can’t put the book down for anything because you just have to know what happens next, so don’t start if you then have to go into a meeting or somewhere that will keep you from reading more immediately.

This book is so good that it’s stressful to read, because as you see the pages dwindling away, and as the plot unfolds around you at the very end you’re so damn worried for so many characters and you worry Wilkins will take your favourites away from you. Rowan is quickly growing to be a favourite – as epic as Bluebell, yet also scarily patient. I can’t wait to see how she develops.

After this ending, the wait for the third is going to be so damn hard.

One thought on “Review: Sisters of the Fire by Kim Wilkins

  1. Oh need to get my hands on this… My library is updating their catalogue at the moment though so can’t place any reserves for a few weeks O_O and I no longer have book one so I can’t remember stuff. Hmm… might have to get some ebook copies! So glad this one is continuing the high level of quality ^___^

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