Photography: M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f1.8 Standard Prime

To start us off with my mini reviews of the olympus lenses I’ve tried so far, we have the M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f1.8 Standard Prime – which isn’t even one of my lenses, it belongs to Nat over at NatSlapTaps! We went for a photo walk in January in the local Chinese gardens, which gave us the chance to try out each others lenses.

This lens is ideal for portraits and street photography – a lens which I wish I got first, instead of my 45mm! It was very easy to pick up and use, very fast, very bright photos and worked brilliantly even on our odd-light day – it was incredibly overcast which meant light was bouncing everywhere, but it remained resilient throughout.


The lens has no image stabilisation, but the EM5 has that in-body so that wasn’t an issue. It also isn’t weatherproof like some of the other lenses are, but the body of the camera itself is, so at least that’s some support. Living in a highly tropical city is what killed my last camera (no, I didn’t have a dry box… something I still need to get to look after this kit! Any suggestions?)

What I love about this lens is the really nice blur you get in the background – bokeh, I think it’s referred to? This is what I love about my favourite lens (the macro) so this is what really grabbed me about the 25mm.


This is a lovely sharp lens that got me some fairly nice photos (for my current ability) within minutes – if I were building my kit from scratch it’s certainly one of the first lenses I would get as it would be so good to have as the predominate lens to keep on your camera while on holiday. In fact Nat, owner of this lens, took it with her on holiday to Hawaii. You can see her photos over here.


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