Books Upcoming: The Lyre Thief by Jennifer Fallon

thelyrethiefThe Lyre Thief by Jennifer Fallon

Release Date: 8 March 2016

Tor/Macmillan Publications

Ten years have passed since the events of the Demon Child books that left the god Xaphista dead, the nation Karien without a religion or king and the matriarchal country of Medalon ruled by men. But it is in the kingdoms of the south that things really heat up. When Princess Rakaia of Fardohnya discovers she is not of royal birth, she agrees to marry a much older Hythrun noble in a chance to escape her ‘father’s wrath. Rakaia takes nothing but her jewels and her base-born half-sister, Charisee, who has been her slave, handmaiden and best friend since she was six years old. And who can pass as Rakaia’s double.

These two sisters embark on a Shakespearian tale of switched identities, complicated love triangles…and meddlesome gods. Rakaia is rescued on the road by none other than the Demon Child, R’shiel, still searching for a way to force Death to release her near immortal Brak. Charisee tries to act like the princess she was never meant to be and manages to draw the attention of the God of Liars who applauds her deception and only wants tohelp.

Then there is the little matter of the God of Music’s magical totem that has been stolen…and how this theft may undo the universe.

Powerful magics, byzantine politics, sweeping adventure, and a couple of juicy love stories thrown in for good measure, The Lyre Thief is classic Fallon that is sure to appeal to her fans.


I obtained a 130-page preview (the first third!) of this novel via NetGalley – a book I’ve been greatly looking forward to. I’ve been a massive fan of Jennifer Fallon in the past. We used to live in the same region of Australia, and met once for lunch – she very kindly put up with how nervous I was. I got into speculative fiction quite late, starting with Trudi Canavan and Jennifer Fallon thanks to a high school friend. I devoured all of her books, and followed them faithfully since… so to hear that there was to be a new series continuing much loved characters, well, I was ecstatic.

Since I first got into her books I’ve devoured many, many other epic fantasy series, reading my way through some classics and the majority of what’s out currently – mostly thanks to judging the Aurealis Awards for multiple years. This however left me a little worried that perhaps I wouldn’t like her books anymore – what if I’ve moved on?

Thankfully, all my fears weren’t required. This has everything we’ve been waiting for and more, and I’m so glad one of my favourite authors is back and we have more books to look forward to! And if you haven’t read her books before, you’re in luck as I wouldn’t recommend starting here at all, which means you have even more epic books to enjoy. I would certainly recommend starting with the Demon Child series and the Hythrun Chronicles instead, before coming to The Lyre Thief. This way you’ll truly understand the characters and feel the depth and weight of the events. That said, there’s no harm in starting with this book, then going back to the rest, then re-reading this one to see if any of your thoughts change!

This book (and all of her others) are character driven, though Fallon is also well known her her focus on world building and somehow making politics interesting. If you’re looking for gritty action these possibly aren’t your thing (I’m character-driven all the way), but hey, give it a go anyway and see what you think. This is so rich and expansive it’s sure to be widely enjoyed. I can’t wait to read the rest of this book, c’mon, pre-order, arrive already!


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