Review: St Martin’s Press Sampler – 2015

Published by: St. Martin’s Press
ISBN 13: 9990123456789
Published: 2015
Pages: 300
Format reviewed: eCopy from NetGalley
Site: Press Site
Stars: Five out of Five

Reviewing both the Fall, and Spring/Summer editions from NetGalley for the attempt at being succinct, we have first a collection of thirteen previews in the Fall edition, and then sixteen in the Spring/Summer:


Avelynn by Marissa Campbell
The Man on the Washing Machine by Susan Cox
The Debt of Tamar by Nicole Dweck
A Good Family by Erik Fassnacht
Dark Reservations by John Fortunato
Romancing the Dark in the City of Light by Ann Jacobus
How To Be Brave by E. Katherine Kottaras
Dream Things True by Marie Marquardt
The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore
Bliss by Shay Mitchell & Michaela Blaney
The Marriage Pact by M.J. Pullen
Time of Departure by Douglas Schofield
In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward

This was quite a strong sampler, containing a decent except of each novel that was enough to get you hooked, but not so much you felt you didn’t really have to hunt down the full novel anymore.

First off we get a preview of the covers, majority of which are stunning. There are thirteen previews in this collection, some of which are historical fiction, crime, general lit and young adult, a well rounded collection suited to the person who reads anything, and something for everyone who has a bit of a taste for a particular, singular genre right now.

‘The Debt of Tamar’ by Nicole Dweck is a book I’ve listed as need-to-get-asap, thanks to my love for the book The Golem and the Djinni by Helen Wecker, and ‘Romancing the Dark in the City of Light’ by Ann Jacobus is going to be one of the titles that takes off for sure.


Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford
Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capó Crucet
Murder at Barclay Meadow by Wendy Sand Eckel
Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey
The Devil’s Making by Seán Haldane
The Evidence Room by Cameron Harvey
The Casualties by Nick Holdstock
The Secrets of Lake Road by Karen Katchur
Between the Tides by Susannah Marren
Still Life Las Vegas by James Sie
Fishbowl by Bradley Somers
Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout
The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler
Hangman’s Game by Bill Syken
Three Rivers Tiffany by Quay Tyson
The Art of Baking Blind by Sarah Vaughan

Like the above, the covers are enticing and the samples are exactly the right length – quite a bit better than the samples given in the Buzz Books samplers. In this I would have to say that several have caught my eye, ranging from another immigration story ‘Make Your Home Among Strangers’ by Jennine Capó Crucet, another apocalyptic story (I just can’t get enough!) titled ‘The Casualties’ by Nick Holdstock which is complete with photos and eccentric characters, and ‘The Book of Speculation’ by Erika Swyler which is complete with written notes and illustrations.

Overall, this is going to be a very good year for St. Martins Press!


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