Continuum 11: Book List

So at the recent Continuum con (Con11, Southern Skies, which just happened in Melbourne this past weekend), I was put on a panel with one of the guests of honour, well out of my depth (she’s a published author, I just read a lot and have been on a few judging book panels), so I made myself useful by trying to record down every book that we spoke about.

The panel was:

YA Around the World – R.J. Anderson

Wondering what’s happening in the rest of the world while those young-adult dystopias ravage the United States? Is growing up universal, or are we missing out on the tales of non-English-speaking teens? Broaden your horizons with tales of the younger generation from around the globe.

Most of the books following should fit the above – unless they’re books for when we went slightly off topic. Most will be Canadian/Australian as that’s where the panel and audience are from. Apologies if there’s any errors with the below – our panel went quite fast at times and it was a struggle to get them all down!

  • Kaleidoscope (anthology) edited by Alisa Krasnostein and Julia Rios
  • ‘Tomorrow’ series by John Marsden
  • ‘When We Wake’ duology by Karen Healy (now confirmed as a duo, but Karen has ‘nascent’ ideas – sales are what’s stood in the way. Expect a giveaway shortly.)
  • ‘The Tribe’ series by Ambelin Kwaymullina
  • ‘Dragon Slayer of Trondheim’ duology  by E. K. Johnston (Canadian history, but with dragons, environmental fable)
  • ‘Scorpion Rules’ by Erin Bow (coming out in September)
  • ‘Fallen World’ series by Megan Crewe
  • ‘Magic of Madness’ series by Justine Larbalestier
  • ‘Winterkill’ by Kate A. Boorman
  • ‘Way Down Dark’ by James Smythe (out July)
  • ‘Matt Cruse’ series by Kenneth Oppel (awesome female character)
  • ‘Amulet’ series by Kazu Kibuishi (graphic novels)
  • ‘Anna Dressed in Blood’ by Kendare Blake
  • ‘Undine’ trilogy by Penni Russon
  • Many things by Sally Odgers – Aurora, Zones, Shadow Dancers
  • ‘The Lifespan of Starlight’ by Thalia Kalkipsakis
  • ‘Mercy’ series by Rebecca Lim
  • ‘Treespeakers’ series by Katie W. Stewart
  • ‘The Last Trilogy’ by Michael Adams
  • ‘The Keepers’ series by Lian Tanner

Thank you to R.J. Anderson for being so brilliant, as were our audience that helped compile the above list! If there’s any I missed, feel free to add them in comments below (or let me know any other way) and I’ll add them!


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