Review: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

VisionSilverSeries: The Others #3
Published by: Penguin Group
ISBN: 045146527X
ISBN 13: 9780451465276
Published: March 2015
Pages: 368
Format reviewed: eVersion from Edelweiss
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five
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‘Vision in Silver’ is the third book in The Others series, by Anne Bishop, best known for the Black Jewels series. Things are getting more difficult for our favourite characters as the Humans First movement is starting to take drastic actions. They believe that if you’re not with them, you’re against them (even if truly you have no opinion.) This is forcing some hard decisions to happen quickly thanks to their harsh actions on those who don’t side with them instantly such as rental agreements being terminated and people finding themselves without a home, or businesses refusing to serve them entirely.

This leads to some hard decisions to be made by The Others, who have to choose whether to act to protect the humans they’ve come to trust, or if another harsh judgement shall be carried out against the town. Or entire country, as things start to spread. The leader of the Human’s First movement is spreading his propaganda and his actions are even affecting the human police, as one of their daughters is caught up in the violence.

As if this isn’t enough for Simon Wolfgard to deal with, they’re hearing of other blood prophets being moved into worse situations than they were in before, or even being bred under harsh conditions. The ones they managed to free aren’t coping that well in their new accommodation, and even Meg is beginning to suffer.

Things are spiraling out of control. The Others can see that some humans are kind but throughout the Atlantik, not all Others share this belief or care too deeply. The actions of some humans may mean a harsh hand for all, and all we can do is wait to see what happens next.

What a plot! This is a series that just keeps getting better and there hasn’t been a slow book yet. The characters are fantastic, and we’re getting to see more and more of them as the series expands to areas not just near the Courtyard. Having multiple plots with action happening almost everywhere is keeping the reader on their toes and unable to put the book down. This book, compared to previous in the series, wasn’t even about Meg all that much – although she is still the leading light going forward.

This is an excellent series, and I’m so dang eager for the next. There are such few series that don’t suffer from a slow or ‘middle’ book. Bishop has done an excellent job with this series so far, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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