2015 Book Giveaway – Aussies Only!

Book Giveaway!

So you may have seen my previous entries of giveaways – this one is just for Aussies! Once the giveaways have ended and all prizes have been sent off, what we’ll have here is 3kg grab bags – basically as many books as I can stuff into a Aust Post 3kg satchel (whilst trying to keep the books nice and protected).

As previous giveaways, these books are from my shelves and may be slightly dusty or losing their bright white pages – but I’ve tried to pick books that look pretty dang new. There won’t be any rafflecopter for this one – just comment below with what books you have I’ll still have left over (see previous entries) and confirming that you’re in Australia – or at least have an Aussie postal address. Want to win books for your friends? Go for it!

4 thoughts on “2015 Book Giveaway – Aussies Only!

  1. Oh! Am interested in the ones I entered for – Night Circus, Curtsies and Conspiracies and Mr Kiss and Tell (though those will probably get snapped up!). Otherwise I am also interested in A Dance of Cloaks! :D

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