Knitting: Jo Sharp: Textured Throw

Jo Sharp: Textured Throw

Pattern found in Jo Sharp – Eclectic – Hand knitting collection – Book number eight.

TexturedThrowAnother Jo Sharp pattern – this was the first one I picked up, I think. I gravitate towards her as her patterns are in Australian terms (for mum to read through, as she helps me with patterns when I get stuck!) and I also love Jo Sharp wool.

What I don’t necessarily like is how the photos from the book don’t necessarily look like that in person.

This one uses Silkroad Aran Tweed in the following colours:

6x 50g balls of Ash 120
4x 50g balls of Tartan 125
4x 50g balls of Jewel 124
5x 50g balls of Highland 126

This was originally started January 2012 where I did perhaps 60-70 rows, before it fell into the clutches of the dreaded craft bag. It was picked up again January 3rd 2015 with the intention of finishing somewhere between July and September 2015 – I just need to stick with it!

This one is both easier and harder than the Raglan I’m knitting for my partner. It’s easier to read the pattern and simply get on with (ie I’m not as worried as stuffing it up!) but it requires four balls of colour with it at all times, which is a juggle in my lap to keep them all not-tangled, and the pattern isn’t one I can simply remember. TexturedJan2015ProgressAt least with the raglan I can think ‘knit two, purl two’ and do so as I watch tv or listen to a podcast. But then at least this pattern is very, very basic. ‘purl 2 rows, knit 1 row, purl 1 row, then change colours’ – it’s just hard to keep track of as each section is a bit different from each other (some are just purling two lines in a row, which give it the textured bumpy look).

I’ll try to update here with progress shots and thoughts once a month or so, and really track how things are going and to keep myself on track now I’ve told the world what I’m up to – I need to be held accountable!


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