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I was taught how to knit when I was quite young, but I never learned how to cast on or off, or how to do anything more difficult than the general stocking stitch (as a note, I’m Australian so all knitting terms shall be Australian… I hope!) and then purl when I was a young teen.

It’s not until now, when I’m almost 30, that I’m taking on projects that are a bit more involved than a boring ol’ scarf. My excuse generally is that I live in one of the hotter parts of Australia, so not only are times rare when I can wear knitted things myself, but it’s also usually too hot and sweaty to even hold knitting in your hands for hours on end and accomplish things!

Excuses aside, I need to appreciate the aircon and get crafty again!

This little place on the net has been mostly a book blog – even if I said originally it would have recipes and everything – still, no time like the present to add a little more variety to it. I’m going to keep track of my crafts here too, which shall hopefully assist with accountability somewhat!

I have two current projects:

Jo Sharp Raglan Sweater

RaglanInfoPattern found in Jo Sharp – Book Three.

I apparently started this back in June 2012 and only managed to cast on and then do maybe six rows before leaving it in my craft bag, hanging off the back of a door. At least I cast on entirely by myself… only because this was/is to be a jumper for my partner and I wanted every single stitch to be from me!

I’ve chosen to do this one in the colour seen in the booklet – Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran – Venetian.

I’m trying to do at least two rows a night, but we’ll see how that goes.

If anyone has any queries about this, feel free to leave a comment in the progress post!

Progress post for this one shall be found here.

Jo Sharp Textured Throw

TexturedThrowPattern found in Jo Sharp – Eclectic – Hand knitting collection – Book Eight.

I’m not sure when this one was started – February 2012, if not before? I managed to do a little more on this one than the Raglan before it was doomed to the same craft bag. This one is both easier and harder than the Raglan – it’s easier to read the pattern and simply get on with (ie I’m not as worried as stuffing it up!) but it requires four balls of colour with it at all times, which is a juggle in my lap to keep them all not-tangled, and the pattern isn’t one I can simply remember. At least with the raglan I can think ‘knit two, purl two’ and do so as I watch tv or listen to a podcast.

Still, I think I’ll manage to finish the throw before the raglan, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Progress post for this one shall be found here.

Building Blocks Blanket

BuildingBlocksProgressPatterns from the Building Blocks book by Michelle Hunter at Knit Purl Hunter.

Started in February 2015. This one is progressing faster than the others because the squares are small and attainable and you feel you’re getting more done quicker. Knitting this one with mum who’s knitting them alongside me, and we’ll eventually block them all together to make a blanket.

I like this one because I’m making a lot of mistakes but learning along the way. The mistakes aren’t noticeable amongst the blocks, and I’m knitting a lot more, a lot faster, because the worry isn’t there that I need to get it all perfect – unlike the above projects.

This one should at least be finished in 2015, if not midway!

Progress post for this one can be found here.

French Cancan Shawl

FCC100stitchesPatterns can be found here.

Started April 2015. This one I hope will be fast like the above, as it’s just such a joy to knit. This should have a nice drape, and the colour was picked will suit my work uniform perfectly – our office is always kept so dang cold!

I probably shouldn’t say it to tempt fate, but no mistakes yet!

I’m loving this one because it started out so quick to knit (as it’s basically increasing out as you knit out the body) but have to admit it’s getting a bit slower now I’ve hit over 100 stitches on the cable.

I just love the yarn!

Progress post for this one can be found here.


It’s time to take these projects by the horns and get it done! I have so many fantastic knitty-crafty friends, and I attend more conventions these days which are perfect for knitting at, and we’re also allowed to knit on intra-state flights again now within Australia so bring it on!


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