Review: The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

TheBrokenEyeWeeksSeries: #3 Lightbringer
Published by: Orbit
ISBN 13: 9781841499109
Published: August 2014
Pages: 795
Format reviewed: Paperback
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five

The Broken Eye picks up where The Blinding Knife ended, and takes place in more of a geographical spread after the first two books were set mostly at the Chromeria and The Jaspers.

It’s a bit of a slow start – possible because during the span of time between the second and third book, readers have been able to predict what will happen next. The first 200 or so pages are a little slow, but from there on, be sure you have a weekend free to tear through this book. There is also a bit of filler – if anything, this book seems to suffer from ‘middle book syndrome’ more than the second book did, but overall it’s a steady and sure continuation for the series, and will be loved by those already well vested in the series who have been eager for more for some time.

Fans of the characters Teia and Murder Sharp will be pleased to know they excel in this volume but Kip is one of the poorer elements here. Much like Harry Potter in the fifth book, he just won’t stop his angsty whinging and unfortunately it’s his storyline we see advance the most. Ah well.

One of the stronger elements of this series overall is the political system – it really shines in the true epic-fantasy light. It’s even interesting, something that doesn’t always gel with me as politics is just one of those things I struggle to ‘get’. The best element of this series however is how the characters feel so fully formed and meshed together – everyone has their links and ties, and you certainty get a sense of history and awareness from them all, as if they could possibly exist.

One thing that continues to irk me with this series is the lack of italics for internal thoughts – when they start again I always have to re-read until I get used to just knowing when they’re going to come up again. Seriously, is it that hard to accept that it’s a common formatting nod of politeness for the reader?

Fans of Brandon Sanderson’s epic series shall probably find themselves addicted to this one, also. Personally I wasn’t a fan at all of Weeks’ Night Angel series, and find that this series is miles better so far. I look forward to the fourth and final book in this series with bated breath!


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