Review: Rooms by Lauren Oliver

RoomsLaurenPublished by: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 13: 9781444760774
Published: September 2014
Pages: 341
Format reviewed: Paperback
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five

In Oliver’s first book for adults, we have a slightly confusing and yet ultimately engaging book of ghosts, and characters that all start with m – Martin, Minna, Maggie – which always drives me a little balmy. We have a whole alphabet, writers. Make it easier on readers who are a little dyslexic, I beg of you.

You may have heard of Lauren Oliver from her well-known books Before I Fall, Delirium, or Panic. She’s mostly well thought of, and this book should only stretch that even further.

When a wealthy man dies, family members who haven’t really been part of his life for years still turn up to claim their inheritance. Ghosts haunt this house however, and we are slowly brought through the narrative that a patient reader will love. This is an elegantly woven tale, and deserves time well spent on it.

Quite spooky in parts, what really makes this zing are the characters, Minna is easily a favourite of mine. We meet them all as the novel passes through each room of the house left by the wealthy deceased, and what makes each room important to the certain character.

This book rather reminded me of The Lovely Bones. This is an electric and excellent novel that’s well crafted and a joy to read.

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