Review: The Scriptlings by Sorin Suciu

TheScriptlingsPublished by: AEC Stellar Publishing
ISBN 13: 9780989312844
Published: December 2013
Pages: 372
Format reviewed: eVersion offered by author
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five

‘The Scriptlings’ by Sorin Suciu follows two young apprentice magicians, known as Scriptlings in their world – called Merkin and Buggeroff. From their names alone you can tell this shall be amusing and satyrical. This blends magic with science in a modern world and always leaves you with a surprise – just when you think you have things figured out, the book manages to surprise you again after the next turn of a page.

This is one of those hard books to give summary to. It’s funny and clever, and it bucks trends and cliches well – this is a nerd’s book, in the best way possible. This is like Redshirts by John Scalzi and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – where the readers it’s aimed at are those who are overly familiar with the style and isn’t dumbed down or written generically for the masses.

The only con I have with this book is a lack of excellent female characters in the plural. Pros far outweigh the cons, which is good – and not all books have to have an abundance of female characters for sure, but it would have been good to see more than one, to make it a truly excellent five out of five book for me.

This is highly recommended to fans of Douglass Adams, Terry Pratchett and Tansy Rayner Roberts.


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