Review: Monstrositea Box 8, September 2014

Here is a review on the teas I received in September – Box 8 of Monstrositea‘s subscription tea service.

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Australian-based Monstrositea promise ‘4-5 different teas for you to try with enough of each to have approximately 3 cups (or one good sized tea pot). All loose leaf (except in exceptional circumstances)’ and offer a variety of different subscription terms whether you want a once off, 6 or 12 month, or bimonthly subscription.


They state on their website: ‘A Monstrositea subscription will take you on tea adventures all around Australia and the world. Try new styles, blends, origins, and techniques that you may have never come across before. No boring tea around here!’

The tea arrives in a nifty little box with nice packaging, and decent instructions to help you along your way. Though the directions on what temperature to boil the water to are specific, it doesn’t mean you have to have a fancy kettle that allows you to pick the exact degree – they also tell you how long to leave your kettle for after it’s boiled for the teas that need to be at 70°

Box8Tea1Info Box8MERC

This is a smoky tea – oh so rich and smoky! Probably the best Russian Caravan I’ve had, and even better if you drink it through a sugar cube held between your teeth as suggested in this month’s directions. This isn’t one if my favourites, but it’s quite excellent. I’ll be turning to it for meetings at work for sure.

 Box8Tea2Info Box8Tea2

This one I had to have twice as I forgot to take a photo of it! (it’s a hard life – good thing this is one of my favourites!) These are always my favourites – feel good blends that help you get through the day if you’re feeling a bit rough. The peppermint comes through slightly ahead of the rest of flavours to give a refreshing burst and the rose helps sooth it all down. This tea is said to be energising, healing and settling – I agree ten fold! Love it!

Box8Tea3Info Box8Tea3

This one has such a lovely fresh and vibrant scent to it. The lemongrass mixed with the apple makes it refreshing and uplifting and was just what I needed today – hot an humid weather, a tad stressful and just general blehness. This tasted light and inspiring and I look forward to trying it again soon with a dollop oh honey. Really quite lovely!

Box8Tea4Info Box8Tea4

Mmm green tea <3 This one is quite mild and not bitter in the slightest. It’s a light and easy green tea, refreshing and easy to chug down. I’d say this would be lovely cold also! I love that this one only needs a pinch of leaves and the colour and shape are lovely. Now the only problem is how many green teas I already have waiting to be finished, and how much I want to buy more of this!

Box8Tea5Info Box8Tea5

Oops, the writing was a little cut off on my instructions – I hope that was the last line! A sweet, gloopy green tea! I was looking forward to this one and broke it out on a hard day at work when the computer updates got me annoyed. I love green tea. This one… Well, it wasn’t what I was expecting! I’m used to bitter green tea and I know it says it’s thick and sweet but… Yeah. I think it would grow on me, given a chance. It would be excellent for people who find green tea too bitter or haven’t had green tea before – or really anyone. I think I’m odd in not liking it – I certainly can’t fault it! It’s simply not for me.


They have a great presence on Facebook and instagram, and update their twitter whenever they update their facebook, as well as answer any questions posed to them there. I’ve asked them one of two questions and they got back to me within a few hours, if not sooner.

Interested? Here’s the link to them again! Monstrositea!


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    • Oops! That bit shouldn’t have been in this entry (isn’t it clear I copy and paste from the last entry?) I’ve already received the first box of Japanese snacks! The first entry is here and I should receive the next box in the next fortnight or so :)

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