Review: Skin Game by Jim Butcher

SkinGameSeries: The Dresden Files #15
Published by: Orbit
ISBN: 035650090X
ISBN 13: 9780356500904
Published: May 2014
Pages: 454
Format reviewed: Hardcover
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five

‘Skin Game’ by Jim Butcher is the fifteenth in the Dresden files series. It follows the antics of Harry Dresden, a wizard situated in Chicago who is now the Winter Knight to the Queen of Air and Darkness, who now has to assist his enemy Nicodemus Archleone. This all adds up to be an entertaining romp, which shows that some series can indeed stretch so far and still be readable.

Here we have a good mix of action and tension, humour and thoughtful moments, drama and emotion. Certain plot elements from Changes (book #12) come to a head here, and Dresden finally gets a chance to deal with what they’ve brought.

Harry is getting more confident as the series continues, but he still has his silly rambles of light humour that make you smile as you read. What’s interesting in this edition is that his moral ideals are questioned and strained, and we see the grey areas Butcher is known for come out in full force. The reader gets to question just how much the end result accounts for the actions taken by the characters.

One small minus is the romance. Butcher can’t write a kissing session worth a damn, but it is a relief the sexual tension is over (in a good way). Still, it makes for lighter, fun reading that make you feel happy, whether or not it feels like it carries the emotional punch one may be hoping for.

If you haven’t read any others in the series, it wouldn’t be the best choice to start here – you’ll get much more from the novel if you start at the start, or close to it. While the television series is excellent, it doesn’t follow the series of books perfectly. The first two books in the series aren’t the best, so if you’re struggling through them, jump to Grave Peril #3 in the series, and see how addicted you get.

If you would like to hear Jim Butcher reading the first four chapters of the book, please click here.
The next book shall be Peace Talks #16, which is currently slated for an August 2015 release.


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