Laura Lam Giveaway

Sad publishing news reigns with the announcement that Angry Robot‘s two imprints, Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A, have ceased, effective immediately.

I loved Strange Chemistry especially because without fail – every book I picked up from that imprint, I loved. They had a level of quality I could depend on, where I didn’t have to worry when picking up a book whether or not it was going to resonate with me.

But it goes deeper than this – it’s upsetting because it impacts on one of my favourite authors, Laura Lam. I loved the books she had out so far, and I find her thoughtful and well spoken (as well as simply interesting to follow on social media). She also happened to attend Scott Lynch’s cafe meet-up in Brighton in 2013 during World Fantasy Con, and was really lovely when I kinda shyly slunk up to her to see if it really was her to say how much I loved her books.

So far she has two books out in a trilogy, and now the third book is up in the air. This series needs a third book, so I’m going to do what little I can to help:


I’ll be giving away the following:

  • One set of her two books, Pantomime and Shadowplay, in paperback to one lucky person
  • One copy of her first book, Pantomime, in paperback, to one lucky person
  • One copy of her second book Shadowplay, in paperback, to one lucky person

This is to spread her books as far as I can assist at this time. I hope the books go to people who haven’t yet read her, or in the case of the third option, who’ve started to read her but haven’t got their hands on the second yet. I’m also partial to those who have read her, but need physical copies of the books to flail around and share with friends :)

The winners shall have to be willing to share a postal address with me (obviously) and the giveaway is open world-wide.

As there are three prizes, there shall be three winners.

If this goes well, there may be bonuses of her short fiction that’s currently available on kindle – we shall see!

Please click below for the rafflecopter giveaway – unfortunately it doesn’t seem they can be embedded in wordpress sites:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apologies if the giveaway goes a little shaky – this is my first time using rafflecopter so I hope it runs smoothly! If you have any issues using it, just let me know and we’ll figure out a manual way to include you.

Any questions, leave a comment below!

ETA: My friend Sam is also running a giveaway! Click here to see her post about what you can win from here :)


This giveaway is now closed!

The winners have been contacted. Congratulations! 

27 thoughts on “Laura Lam Giveaway

  1. Oh man!! I was just starting to look a they’re stuff to read more… This is such awful news!!
    My favourite Strange Chemistry book was Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen. I’m so excited about the sequel and it’s not out for awhile yet…
    Would love to win these books – they look excellent!!

  2. So glad you’re doing this! I LOVE THE MICAH GREY SERIES SO MUCH. Not entering, since I’ve read both books and have copies, but yeah, I’m just commenting to say that I love you for this giveaway. :D I really do hope more people come to discover and love Laura Lam’s books. They’re so great! I’m anxious about the fate of the third book. Really hope it finds a good home.

  3. AW, I’m also bummed out about this news. Strange Chemistry was always on the spot for my tastes. I passionately love Cassandra Rose Clarke’s book. Also an upcoming author who was going to publish her first book with them in July, Kat Ross. Her book is called Some Fine Day. I had the chance to read an ARC of it and it was great!

  4. I am beyond depressed about this news because like you I’ve loved a huge chunk of what Strange Chemistry has published. I’ve found some many great new authors (like Cassandra Rose Clarke and Eliza Crewe in particular) and it just disheartens me that others may not get to read some of the great stuff they have thanks to this closure. Such sad news. Laura Lam’s books were my favourites I got from them so I hope Micah finds a new publishing home soon. :(

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  7. Reblogged this on Joanne Hall and commented:
    In response to the sad closure of YA Imprint Strange Chemistry, Ventureadlaxure are giving away THREE copies of Pantomime / Shadowplay by SC author Laura Lam – it’s a Rafflecoptor giveaway so it’s easy to enter!

  8. I’ve heard the news yesterday and I was really sad :( Some books I loved from Strange Chemistry are The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke and The Pirate’s Wish by the same author.
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  9. Very nice. Lam has a great series going. I think the only other Strange Chem book I read was Martha Well’s, but I have wanted to read The Assassin’s Curse for some time.

  10. I love Pantomime and Shadowplay, but I don’t have copies of my own, which is why I’m entering. I’d love to be able to share them with others, and also just to hold the physical books… I’ve also read Black Dog (Rachel Neumeier) and really liked it! I’m going to have to look into more Strange Chemistry books, now.

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  14. I started the Zenn Scarlett series and am so far loving it. Pantomime and The Assassin’s Curse have been on my to-read list for some time now. I guess I should start reading them.

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