Review: Guardian by Jo Anderton

GuardianSeries: The Veiled Worlds #3
Published by: FableCroft Publishing
ISBN 13: 9780992284442
Published: June 2014
Pages: 368
Format reviewed: eVersion from Publisher
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five

Tanyana has an impossible task ahead of her. Her life, like Movoc-under-Keeper, is in ruins, yet she must somehow cross to another world and convince the people there of the impossible – that there are plans to tear down the veil between their worlds, and that things that should be impossible or don’t even make sense are in fact a reality. During this she must protect defenceless others when she can hardly protect herself, for people either know who she is and why she must be stopped, or from those she has become irresistible to, thanks to her new interior and abilities.

Somehow Tanyana must overcome all obstacles in order to save both worlds.

While this is the third in a series, Guardian is written so it can be read as a stand-alone, or enjoyed by those who have read the first two books. With enough explanation so one isn’t lost if this is where they’re starting from, but done in a subtle way so those who have read the previous two aren’t bored or skimming, the reader is introduced to Anderton’s masterful way of writing immediately as they note how this is handled.

The world building in this book (and this series as a whole) is stunning. You see the beauty and also the devastation of the city and also get a sense of the despair but also how the people are holding on to what they have. The world may be awful, but it’s still their home.

The plot throughout is rollicking, with so much changing in Tanyana’s life so quickly, as well as in Kichlan’s. The chapters alternate between both characters which increases the pace, thanks also to some chapters being very short at only a few paragraphs. You feel increasingly hopeless as their lives spiral more and more out of control, and the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat as you’re unable to put the book down. This book doesn’t follow what you would expect from earlier turn of events, taking you by surprise in multiple points.

What really drives this however are the characters. Tanyana and Kichlan’s plight and their determination throughout, their strength and wit in the face of adversity is what gives this novel the edge that makes you unable to stop reading. It’s so good when you have such a strong female lead in a novel that has a lot of action in it, who comes across as realistically struggling yet managing to pull through.

The ending seals it. Tender, emotional and thankfully, with the hint of hope, which is such a relief after how heavy this novel is. Originally this novel was to be called Unbound, but having read it, I completely agree that Guardian fits it perfectly. To see why, well, you’ll just have to read it.

Overall, this is a strong end to the Veiled Worlds series, and an excellent piece of work by Anderton. Highly recommended.


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