Review: Some Fine Day by Kat Ross

SomeFineDayPublished by: Strange Chemistry
ISBN: 1783450177
ISBN 13: 9781783450176
Published: July 2014
Pages: 275
Format reviewed: eVersion from NetGalley
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Four out of Five

‘Some Fine Day’ by Kat Ross is a standalone dystopian, featuring a strong female character as our lead – Jansin Nordqvist – daughter to a two-star general and about to graduate from the Academy – the Academy that trains up Black Ops fighters.

Bright things are in her future. She has an equally bright-future boyfriend who her parents approve of, and soon they’ll receive their assignments, and everything will change. To celebrate, her father has somehow wrangled a trip to the surface – because in the future, civilisation live underground, thanks to the hypercanes that tear apart the world above. Those that could be evacuated were, to a new life down below where everything is synthetic and artificial, whether it be views out the window or weather, and the concept of ‘day’ and ‘night’.

The trip to the surface is everything Jansin didn’t know she could dream of. Five-star accommodation on warm sand by actual surf – though of course it could be cancelled at any last moment due to unforeseen weather…

It’s a risk they’re willing to pay for and take. Though of course, that’s where everything changes…

I read this book within a day, I simply couldn’t put it down. It’s a quick read, ready to trick you at any corner as you find yourself rolicking through the situations Jansin is flung into and almost find yourself comfortable, before you realise you’re not even halfway through the book yet, which, yes, means more unrest, and more situations!

One of the more interesting parts of this novel, I found, were seeing how the world has progressed. We have Nu-London, an aspect I would have loved to see more of. I hope there’s another book in this series, as standalone as this is currently. There’s certainly room for another book to see what happens next.

The best part of this book is having a main character who can hold her own in many situations. She’s brawny but she’s also intelligent. She’s rough, but she’s also caring and careful of those around her.

This is a book lovers of Mira Grant’s work will enjoy. A series that takes science and disease into consideration, and gives us something thrilling.


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