Review: Star Trek: Khan by Claudia Balboni

khanSeries: Star Trek
Published by: Diamond Book Bistributors – IDW Publishing
ISBN: 1613778953
ISBN 13: 9781613778951
Published: May 2014
Pages: 124
Format reviewed: eVersion from NetGalley
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Three out of Five

This comic goes into the back story of Khan, showing how he came to be in the latest movie Star Trek: Into Darkness. It shows him through childhood and then selection, and the training he received in order to become the man who becomes Khan, then continuing on to take the delicate issue of the change in appearance and making it part of the plot – first making it seem like it shall be a dramatic turn of events, but then sadly falling by the wayside.

My main focus in graphic novels is often the graphics, and these, I felt, were slightly disappointing within the comic. While I don’t mind when comics based on a tv show or movie aren’t perfect representations of the actor playing the character, it is then hoped that this is to show more emotion or give the characters their own sense of self within the comic verse. Through many sections in the comic, the artwork was both fairly disappointing in representing the actors, but also lacking on the page in its own self.

The plot however was decent, regardless of the brief glance over how Khan’s appearance changed so dramatically. It does an excellent job of showing Khan’s pivotal moments and how he cares for some while having such blatant disregard for most. That said, this is only a comic for those who have seen the film, as it would be rather lacking for someone simply picking up the graphic novel.

Overall I would have liked more detail within the illustrations, and pacing throughout the novel for more impact, and to make us feel more sympathy for the character.


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