2008 Tokyo Holiday – Day Six

These travelling blog posts have been moved here from my old blog – they were originally posted on the dates as shown, and could contain errors – years have passed since they were originally posted (and my memory was never that great) and I may not have got things right at the time as it was!

Day Six – 4th January 2008

We started early without breakfast and headed off to Kayabacho and caught the subway to Hatchobori on the Hibiya line (carefully recorded so I remember how to get there next time I’m in Tokyo!). We then went to Maihama on the Keiyo line and then we were there! We were on a little train with the windows in the shape of Mickey with passes with prints of Minnie all over it.

Once there, we were welcomed with a parade of a band and Mickey, Donald and Goofy (Kingdom Hearts has taken over!) and we had breakfast at Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery where I was the only one who had a biscotti (and it was delicious! I can’t get over how perfect the food is here) and then we ran off to get our first Fast Pass (there’s two lines for every ride, and Fast Pass people get priority, but only a certain amount of passes for each ride are available each day and you’re allocated a certain time (an hour to use it) and can only get a Fast Pass every few hours…) and our first Fast Pass was for Journey to the Centre of the Earth, for like 2pm-3pm and we got it at like… 10am, which just shows how crazy it is.

We then lined up for Raging Spirits, which was part of the Indiana Jones type of the park, I think… the wait was an hour and a half or so, which was good and the line shuffled along quite fast. There’s a 360 loop in it – it’s a mini roller coaster, and there’s steam you go through and yay :D Travel buddy and I were spoilt as our friends had already been through all of Disney and DisneySea and they knew what was worth it and what wasn’t. So we had our own personal guides for DisneySea!

So we lined up. Even though every other place we’d lined up in Tokyo so far involved getting out our DSs, we didn’t need to here because there was so much to look at. The line goes right by the ride itself, so you get to see what you’re going to go through and the gardens were beautiful. There was a tulip garden on the walk to the ride, and all these other wild flowers… there was even palm trees off in the distance! How they ever managed to grow through winter in Japan I’ll never know.


We decided to on the ride once again once it was night time and we headed off for a walk around the park as we headed for the Tower of Terror which was probably the best ride of the park for scare factor.

It was set in a hotel this guy made to show off all these relics he stole from all around the world. It was beautiful and had murals depicting how he stole it all, then a mini show explained how he stole a totem which cursed him for stealing everything and threw him into a lift, which magically dropped fast and a looonnnggg way… which we were then shown in to. It was basically like being in a plummeting elevator. I adored it. Somewhere along the way they take your photo as you’re screaming with your eyes closed, which I bought later even though it’s not the most flattering of pictures. Of course there’s some cool Japanese guys in the ride who knew exactly what was happening and managed to pose suavely.

It was so so awesome. The wait for it was so fast because most of the line threads through the hotel and you get to look at everything he stole. All the staff were so adorable and dressed up as they all are throughout DisneySea, but they had the cutest outfits.

Scrooge McDuck was walking around for photos, and Pluto, so we waited while a few of us got photos with them and then made our way to have lunch and watch the Legends of Mythica show, which was on the water and had dancers so much like Cirque du Soleil, so that was one of my favourite things.

We had lunch at Zambini Brothers Ristorante. It was nice ^^ Honestly the best Italian I’ve eaten.

After that we wanted to get a Fast Pass to keep as a souvenir so we got one for 2000 Leagues Under the Sea which was apparently one of the less thrilling the park had to offer.

By then it was time to go on the ride Journey to the Centre of the Earth – the ride we’d got the Fast Pass for at the very start, and the wait was over quickly thanks to the pass. We got to sit right at the very front! It was so pretty, all crystals and weird little things down in the the lava levels of the Earth, and then there were these weird creatures that started getting a bit more weird… and then OH NO, SOMETHING WENT WRONG and we were going crazy HURTLING ALONG and out of control, PLUMMETING and then suddenly we were out in the bright outside again and then we were plunged into darkness once more, down down down and then it was so fast and like a roller coaster and then it was over D: OVER TOO FAST just like all the other rides!

After that we walked to Ariels Grotto and although she’s one of my least favourite, it was pretty, SO PRETTY. Everything was mosaic and lights and bubbles but it was really aimed at little kids, so one of the friends and I mostly played with the filters on our cameras.

Then we headed to Arabian Coast which was ALADDIN! YAY! So awesome. We went on a massive carousel! It was two levels and four horses wide and so pretty.
We then walked around and looked at the pretty and then went on Sinbad’s Journey, which was a little boat ride taking you through his story with moving puppets along the side of the water. It was a bit dull, but was at least relaxing.

We walked on and discovered that there were still Fast Passes for Raging Spirits available – the first ride we went on – the roller coaster with the 360 loop? So YAY! We got one and it was for 8.30pm-9.30pm which was fantastic since it would fit in nicely when the nighttimeBraviSEAimo show would be over, so yay! Perfect! We then went to Aquatopia which was cold, but so awesome and pretty! You sit in these little round pods which move around on some type of computerised track… we were ‘floating’ on water, and spun around and dodged water fountains and water spouts and water drains but it was all slow(ish) and relaxing and pretty, with lights. It was dusk by now, so the lights were really effective. After closer inspection you could see the tracks in the ground under the water but it was still awesome.

Then as it was about 6:30pm or so, we went to wait at the Mediterranean Harbour for the BraviSEAimo show which would start in an hour and a half and sat to wait. And wait. I was still feeling a little ill as it had been such a full day, so I tucked myself up and closed my eyes. It was freezing as we were right on the water and not allowed to put down blankets yet. One friend went off to get gyoza rolls (pork dumplings, but in a long line in a type of bun – BEST THING IN THE WORLD and I think you can only get them at the Disney parks?) and they were so warm and lovely, but we were so frozen we didn’t even taste them. They were just… hot, that’s all the taste they had. They were still amazing.

How do I describe the BraviSEAimo show?

It was lights, water fountains, fire and a volcano – all on the water and it told the story of the graceful water (or lake?) spirit and the powerful Fire spirit, who were in love. There was lights and mist and steam everywhere, and the girl was made of a fountain of water to show her body, arms, dress and hair (in ponytails) and the fire was a dragon, all steel with glowing eyes and fire spouting out everywhere. Behind it all, you could see the volcano from the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride, which erupted right as the fire spirit arrived which was appropriate, and then the fire spirit and water/lake spirit danced around the harbour with the lights and steam. The speakers were amazing, one moment they’re not there and the next they’ve risen out of the ground, blasting music at you!

We had waited an hour and a half, but we were right in the front row able to see all (mostly) so being frozen was worth it. We then ran into a gift store to thaw out, then jumped on the train which takes you around the park so we didn’t have to walk. It was about 8pm now, and time to use our Fast Pass. We went on the Raging Spirits ride and it was dark and lit up with glowing red lights, so the 360 loop was even better than before!

We then ran back through the park and went into gift stores along the way so we could buy stuff for friends, and then left!

And that was DisneySea!



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