Review: Monstrositea Box 1, January 2014

I’ve always liked the idea of subscription based parcels. There are ones for geeks and knitters and I’ve always been tempted but never taken the plunge. That was until I discovered Australian-based Monstrositea, who launched in August for a January 2014 start to their services.

They promise ‘4-5 different teas for you to try with enough of each to have approximately 3 cups (or one good sized tea pot). All loose leaf (except in exceptional circumstances)’ and offer a variety of different subscription terms whether you want a once off, 6 or 12 month, or bimonthly subscription.


They state on their website: ‘A Monstrositea subscription will take you on tea adventures all around Australia and the world. Try new styles, blends, origins, and techniques that you may have never come across before. No boring tea around here!’

The tea arrives in a nifty little box with nice packaging, and decent instructions to help you along your way. I must admit, I’m quite picky with my tea having tried T2, Teapigs, and whatever woolworths and coles (Australian supermarkets) have on offer, and in particular like my teas to be strong. I honestly expected to get these teas and think they were, y’know, okay, and probably dislike one or two, but I sincerely enjoyed each and every one. My mother is harder to please and she tested each one alongside, and couldn’t say a bad thing about any of them! The furtherest she could say was that she preferred one over the other.


We added a fair bit of ginger. I like my tea strong and I love peppermint and ginger, so I was surprised by how much I honestly enjoyed this with such a mild flavour! It’s odd – the flavour is strong but it’s not overpowering, it feels abundantly clean and light. One of my favourites for sure!

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Left boiled water to cool for 5 minutes before I poured over 1/2 tsp tea as directed. I then waited 4 minutes (not directed) as wasn’t sure how long to brew for. Also lack a thermometer/fancy kettle though so no idea if it was 70 degrees! :( Actual review: light scent that’s pleasant and doesn’t smell overly sweet or gingery, just smells mellow with a bit of depth to it. It’s hard to describe! I like strong teas, and this manages to taste both light yet flavourful with a depth of taste. It’s very well blended with nothing overpowering. I don’t often like lavender in things yet with this tea it’s just an all-round pleasantness. Very comforting and lovely overall.


I used one tsp and followed instructions. It smells ever so slightly of strawberries and cream, and tastes a little tangy. Matcha is sometimes too bitter for some, and with the strawberry and vanilla it’s a very light taste. I then added milk for an even creamier flavour. I usually have milk in my tea but this one it’s just as good in different ways with or without! This tea made the whole box smell utterly divine, but not in an over-powering, sickly way at all. Just enough to make you eager to dive in.


Followed directions. Left the tea infuser in the cup then came back after a few minutes to jiggle it and tea went from pale to a shocking red – it was stunning! Smells lovely but we can’t figure out what the exact smell is made of! Tastes like it’s really doing you good. Mellow, not bitter, perfect for when you need a bit of a pick-me-up. I’m currently ill with a cold, and this was utterly amazing for it.


Not overly scenty, lovely taste! Somehow a little citrusy, not even slightly bitter, mild green tea overtones that are so slight. Very well blended to an overall comforting taste without any overbearing singular flavours. Apparently the flower can be reused two or three times! This was especially nice on my sore throat.


I can’t wait to get my next box! They have a great presence on Facebook and instagram, and update their twitter whenever they update their facebook, as well as answer any questions posed to them there. I’ve asked them one of two questions and they got back to me within a few hours, if not sooner.

This one comes highly recommended from me. Hopefully next month I’ll do another review post of their teas :)

Interested? Here’s the link to them again! Monstrositea


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