Review: Revenge by Debra Webb

revengewebbSeries: Faces of Evil #5
Published by: Headline
ISBN 13: 9781472207012
Pages: 402
Format reviewed: Paperback
Site: Author Site
Goodreads: Book Page
Stars: Three out of Five

Revenge by Debra Webb is a romantic suspense that is almost completely lacking in the romance aspect. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to need it, as the chase to catch a killer out to get an old group of high school friends is gripping and served better without distraction.

Our leading lady is Jess, the deputy chief in her early forties. It’s refreshing to have an older protagonist as a change from those in their twenties to the very young; instead we have a character with real experience and history to them, which comes into play when her old school teacher shows up at her doorstep accused of murder.

She has a lot to handle in this book as she struggles against the killer, getting her old teacher off the murder charge, and the usual slow-to-keep-up colleagues that are all too common in such works. Not to mention the serial killer stalking her.

I found Revenge very easy to read, despite the somewhat heavy subject matter and the genuine suspense that develops once the book gets going. It never gets bogged down and the minimal romance really does nothing to harm the story. Everything you need to know about the series and characters is quickly and skilfully covered so the book can be read just fine as a standalone if that’s your preference.

Overall, the characters are complex and the mystery intrigues. This is a well crafted suspense from someone experienced and talented in the genre.

I must confess I hadn’t heard of this author until this book arrived for review, but I can say I will be looking out for more of her work in the future.

This review was originally posted at SentientOnline on the 12th January 2014.


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